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Francis Collins (2020)

Geneticist and Physician

Marcelo Gleiser (2019)

Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist

King Abdullah II of Jordan (2018)


Alvin Plantinga (2017)


Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (2016)


Jean Vanier (2015)

Philosopher and Theologian

Tomáš Halík (2014)

Philosopher and Catholic Priest

Desmond Tutu (2013)

Anglican Archbishop Emeritus and Activist

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama (2012)

Spiritual Leader

Martin J. Rees (2011)

Cosmologist and Astrophysicist

Francisco J. Ayala (2010)

Biologist and Geneticist

Bernard d’Espagnat (2009)

Physicist and Philosopher

Michael Heller (2008)

Physicist and Catholic Priest

Charles Taylor (2007)


John D. Barrow (2006)

Cosmologist, Theoretical Physicist, and Mathematician

Charles H. Townes (2005)


George F. R. Ellis (2004)

Theoretical Cosmologist

Holmes Rolston III (2003)


John Polkinghorne (2002)

Mathematical Physicist and Anglican Priest

Arthur Peacocke (2001)

Biochemist and Anglican Priest

Freeman J. Dyson (2000)

Physicist and Mathematician

Ian Graeme Barbour (1999)

Theologian and Physicist

Sigmund Sternberg (1998)

Philanthropist and Interfaith Campaigner

Pandurang Shastri Athavale (1997)

Spiritual Leader

William R. “Bill” Bright (1996)


Paul Davies (1995)

Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist

Michael Novak (1994)


Charles W. Colson (1993)


Kyung-Chik Han (1992)

Presbyterian Pastor

Lord Jakobovits (1991)


Baba Amte (1990)

Activist and Lawyer

L. Charles Birch (1990)

Geneticist and Biologist

Lord MacLeod (1989)

Minister, Church of Scotland

Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker (1989)

Physicist and Philosopher

Inamullah Khan (1988)

Interfaith Campaigner

Stanley L. Jaki (1987)

Physicist, Philosopher, and Priest

James I. McCord (1986)


Alister Hardy (1985)


Michael Bourdeaux (1984)


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1983)

Novelist and Historian

Billy Graham (1982)


Cicely Saunders (1981)

Nurse, Physician, and Social Worker

Ralph Wendell Burhoe (1980)

Educator and Theologian

Nikkyo Niwano (1979)

Religious Leader and Interfaith Campaigner

Thomas F. Torrance (1978)

Theologian and Minister, Church of Scotland

Chiara Lubich (1977)

Catholic Activist and Interfaith Campaigner

Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens (1976)

Theologian and Catholic Priest

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1975)

Philosopher and Statesman

Brother Roger (1974)

Religious Leader

Mother Teresa (1973)

Catholic Nun and Missionary